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Hawkscroft Ltd Terms and Conditions of Business


1. Terms and Conditions


Please ensure that you read tour terms and conditions carefully and please also check that the details of any orders are complete and accurate before commencement of work. If there is anything that you do not understand or feel that the order does not fulfil your expectations or requirements in some way, please get in touch to discuss this as soon as possible so that the situation can be resolved before work begins.

2. Information about us


Hawkscroft Ltd is registered in England and Wales - Company number 10675588.


T: 01608 637148

P: 3a & 4 Alscot Park Studios, Atherstone on Stour, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 8BL

3. Our products


Our products are produced, either by our craftsmen in our own workshops or provided by trusted third party suppliers (usually local or UK based artisan small businesses). Many of our products us are bespoke and/or made to order and because of this, accurate measurements are essential. Measurements may either be provided by the client or taken by one of our representatives during an on site survey, however we strongly recommend that Hawkscroft take all site measurements where possible to avoid any errors. If measurements are being provided by the client we would ask that the client ensure that all measurements are accurate and have taken into account any fitting tolerances as we cannot accept the return of made to measure and/or personalised products if the measurements provided by the client are incorrect. We are more than happy to help with measurements or check the client's measurements if necessary, as assessment of masonry apertures and the like requires experience and knowledge of the materials and products involved.

4. Installation


We take great care in the installation of our products and the removal of any existing products, however we cannot guarantee that minor damage will not occasionally occur to existing masonry and the like due to rusted in fixings and frost blown surfaces. In the unlikely event that damage does occur to any existing surfaces we will always try to rectify the situation to the best of our ability without charge however it is our policy to bring any potential problems with existing fabrics to the attention of the client without delay and discuss potential options.


Before commencement of work please would you ensure that the working area is clear of any personal belongings and vulnerable items. We would ask clients to provide a clear working space and to remove any blinds, curtains, shutters etc or any items that could become damaged or obstruct the proposed work. Please be aware that any items that are left in the working area upon commencement will be at the client’s own risk. If a member of Hawkscroft Ltd staff agrees to remove blinds, shutters or curtains etc for the client (or anything other item that may potentially obstruct the work), please be aware that this will be undertaken at the client's own risk as we cannot guarantee the integrity of any existing item or be sure that blinds, curtains and the like will successfully fit the newly installed product. Although we do provide our own dust sheets and basic protection please be advised that the client is ultimately responsible for the protection of all existing fabrics and surfaces within their property, against dust and debris.


In most circumstances we provide our own access with ladders and aluminium mobile tower scaffolding but where access is not achievable or is deemed unsafe, fixed scaffolding may have to be erected. If fixed scaffolding is required we will discuss this with the client in terms of location and any additional cost.

5. Payments


We accept Bank Transfer and payment by cheque. If by transfer please refer to our account details which can be found on our company invoice, please make all cheques payable to Hawkscroft Ltd.


Payment should be made  according to prearranged payment terms stated in our quotation and agreed prior to commencement of works.

6. Deposit payments


All deposits should be 50% of the gross value of the contract price unless stated otherwise on our quotation.

7. Quotations


All prices quoted are subject to Hawkscroft Ltd Terms and Conditions. Please make sure that you are happy with all the details of the final or any revised quotation before commencement of work.


VAT: All prices quoted (or estimated) are subject to the addition of VAT at a rate of 20% (or at    appropriate rate).


SPECIFICATION: If any changes are required to the agreed specification this will be brought to the client's attention immediately and any additional cost, or reduction in cost, will be agreed with the client before work commences (or continues if already underway).


UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: In the event of unforeseen difficulties arising (or any other circumstantial difficulties or required changes), the quotation price or estimated cost may be revised to reflect the situation at hand. In the case of any minor alterations to the schedule we will endeavour to use a common sense approach and continue with an installation if the client cannot be contacted for some reason. However in the case of any significant difficulties or required changes to the schedule the work will be temporarily suspended in order to discuss and agree a way forward with the client, to the satisfaction of all parties and at an agreed cost.

8. Detailed drawings and sketches


We often provide sketches and working drawings to the client, however please be aware that these may not be to scale. Unless otherwise agreed, sketches and drawings are provided as a visual guide only and for the client to form an understanding of overall appearance. Scale drawings may be available upon request and any extra cost will be discussed with the client.


9. Cleaning



    1. All dust and residue should ideally be hoovered off the silicone and painted surfaces of the windows before cleaning commences.

    2. Not removing dust by hoovering (especially red brick dust) before general cleaning could cause ingraining of dust stain – this must be avoided at all costs.

    3. Pressure washing or any other direct cleaning method straight onto brick dust and other dust without vacuuming first could cause ingraining of stain and micro particles.

    4. Pressure and steam washers should not be used because of ingraining dust and particles, and because water could potentially penetrate into micro gaps in the frames where water would not get in under normal weather conditions. Perimeter silicone could also be vulnerable to damage by pressure washing.

    5. Solvent cleaner, wipes and soapy water can be used but a trial window should be cleaned first to establish a method that will not damage the windows and silicone

    6. Hawkscroft Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage or staining caused by third party cleaning processes.

    7. If in any doubt as to how to clean new and refurbished windows, please consult with Hawkscroft Ltd before undertaking cleaning.

10. Guarantees


All Hawkscroft Ltd customers will benefit from a trade insurance backed guarantee. Guarantee periods vary according to the various products provided however the guarantee period will be discussed in full with the client and specified on the quotation provided. Typically steel and bronze window products carry a 10 year guarantee against corrosion and component failure. Timber doors and windows are subject to specific guarantees according to wood type and other factors. Glass sealed units (double or triple glazed) are guaranteed against misting or failure for a period of 5 years from contract completion.


LIMITATIONS OF GUARANTEE: Please be aware that our guarantee does not cover any issues relating to condensation, or damage by third parties to glass after contract completion. Additional (or any other) paintwork carried out by Hawkscroft Ltd is to be singned off by the client as satisfactory but is not covered within the terms of our guarantee.

11. CERTASS Regulatory Body



CERTASS is authorised by the Government of the United Kingdom to operate a 'Competent Person Scheme' and is accredited to operate product certification schemes to BS EN17065 compliance. Hawkscroft Ltd have a 'Self Certification' status awarded by CERTASS which allows window installations to be signed off by the contractor (Hawkscroft Ltd) without the need for Local Authority Building Control inspection.


CERTASS MEMBERSHIP: Hawkscroft Ltd is a member of CERTASS and a member of the 'Competent Person Scheme'. All CERTASS member contractors are regularly audited on-site and at the contractor premises.




Certass Ltd
Po Box 26332
Tel:  01292 292099