Hawkscroft-stained glass window restoration


We design and hand build leaded lights and stained glass windows from scratch to our client’s specification or to faithfully match existing. We also repair, refurbish and restore leaded lights and stained glass windows in line with Church faculty and LBC requirements.

Hawkscroft Bespoke Stained Glass and Leaded Light Fitting

Genuine leaded lights give off a highly distinctive, multi pane reflection which lends a traditional character to a building, and at Hawkscroft we are constantly striving to keep our heritage and traditions alive in the work we undertake.

We also repair and remake existing perished units using the existing glass sections where possible to recreate the original unit as closely as possible. Much of our work is carried out on Period Properties and Historic Buildings such as churches, private estates and Listed Buildings, which demand the highest standards of workmanship and quality.

  • Window Restoration & Renovation
  • Stained Glass Restoration & Renovation
  • Leaded lights and stained glass windows
  • Traditional stained glass windows
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