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We specialise in the refurbishment and restoration of steel windows & doors including those manufactured by Crittall. We also restore and refurbish metal windows, doors and screens of all types including cast and wrought iron.

Metal Window Replacement • Metal Window Refurbishment • Traditional Standard Metal Windows

What are Crittall® windows, doors and screens?

Crittall Windows Ltd is the leading manufacturer of steel windows, doors and internal screens and boasts a rich heritage stretching over almost 200 years. Crittall is a registered trademark, so only windows and doors made by Crittall Windows Ltd have the right to the name.

Crittall windows are fabricated from a variety of steel profiles of which 'SMW', or standard metal window was commonly used for residential buildings. These profiles have been used by Crittall and other metal window manufacturers since the early 1900’s.

Galvanising of steel windows was widely adopted in the UK from the mid 1950s which prevented corrosion and gave metal windows a longer life span.

Steel / SMW Window Replacement

Hawkscroft Ltd supply and fit new made to measure steel windows constructed from Traditional Standard Metal Window (SMW) profiles.

Our SMW F7 range are manufactured to British Standards BS 6510:2010 specification and are hot dip galvanized before receiving either a powder coating finish or multi coat spray finish according to requirements.

This style of metal window comes in a variety of sizes and RAL colours and can be both traditionally single glazed or slimline double glazed.

Steel Window Refurbishment

Steel windows which are in poor condition can be successfully refurbished and returned to their former glory, providing enough original material remains and the windows deemed viable for any necessary repairs.

Broken and missing steel window fittings can be repaired or faithfully reproduced to match original items and glazing can be upgraded where feasible.

Your steel windows are sensitively removed and apertures temporary glazed.

The windows are transported back to our workshops and are carefully prepared, deglazed and fittings removed before the blasting, repairing, electro galvanizing and spraying/powder coating process.

We finish the refurbished windows in a Classic RAL colour of your choice with a variety of finishes to include satin, matt and gloss along with other more specialised finishes if required.

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