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Window Restoration & Renovation

We provide a historic window repair service to home owners, developers and contractors which gives an opportunity to retain original doors and windows on a building if required, and where feasible. Through a number of restorative processes metal and timber windows can be returned back to their former glory, often to a good as new standard.

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Metal casement windows such as Crittall or cast units, if they are in a viable condition, can have numerous historic coats of paint removed by the process of shot blasting or acid dipping. Once all rust and paint has been cleaned off, the window can then be repaired if necessary by fabricating any missing or rotten areas using like for like materials. The cleaned, repaired and shot blasted windows can then be spray painted or epoxy powder coated from an extensive range of paint options, colours and finishes.

Timber windows can also be restored to an extremely good standard however this is usually achieved through more conventional means such as paint stripping, splicing repairs and renewal of face putty etc. Once stripped of paint, repaired and rubbed down the timber frames can be painted in variety of custom colours according to client choice.

We are also able replace any missing or broken historic glass from our antique reclaimed stock and beading can also be replaced in either softwood or hardwood to match existing. Our renovation and restoration service provides the client with a high quality and durable end product whist retaining the authenticity of the building they reside in.

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