Hawkscroft Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Health and Safety Policy

Number of employees: Under 5

Concerning domestic clients our policy is to:

  1. Monitor Government and NHS updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  2. Identify the hazards from COVID-19 especially with the individual needs of the client(s) in mind.
  3. Undertake a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment of the risks from COVID-19.
  4. Consult our clients and operatives in the risk assessment process. We acknowledge they will have useful information about how work is done which will help us understand the actual risks.
  5. From the Risk Assessment be able show that a proper check was made, all people who might be affected were considered, all significant risks have been assessed, the precautions are reasonable and the remaining risk is low.
  6. Reduced risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures, in order of priority (hierarchy of control).
  7. Review the Risk Assessment when there is a reason to suspect it is no longer valid or there has been a significant change in the matters to which it relates.
  8. Follow good practice and retain the Risk Assessment(s) while they remain relevant.
  9. Review and revise this policy as required.

Measures and procedures in use:

  1. Compliant distancing measures to be in place, from initial visit to client's property to undertaking and finishing the required work - Remote or solitary assessment of the project can be agreed if required where the customer can make the necessary arrangements regarding access and distancing to other rooms. If preferred the customer can make arrangements not be present at the location during any visits or when work is being undertaken.
  2. Confirmation that all relevant parties are non C-19 symptomatic before works arrangements are made.
  3. Operatives to conform to current workplace and social interaction C-19 guidelines.
  4. Operatives travel arrangements to conform to current Government guidelines.
  5. Hand sanitiser to be used by operatives upon arrival and before entering the premises.
  6. Agree with client before commencement of work, an unoccupied route into the working area and ensure that the room(s) where work is to take place are also unoccupied.
  7. Face masks to be worn before entering a property (these can be removed when working in a room with the door closed to adjoining rooms in the property and where ventilation is present).
  8. Ventilation to be used in working areas where practical and with the agreement of the client.
  9. Operatives to provide their own food and drinks - food and drink to be consumed in work vans ensuring that no cups , food packaging or wrappers will be in the vicinity of the interior of the property.
  10. Fitted windows and doors to be cleaned with Soudal sanitising alcohol based cleaner spray upon completion and all fitting waste etc will be removed and placed in vans for safe disposal at our works unit.
  11. Wipe down touch points when leaving premises with antiseptic wipes.
  12. Invoicing and documentation to be provided electronically by Hawkscroft via email.
  13. Social distancing according to current Government guidelines to be maintained with our customers (and any others residing at, or visiting the property) at all times.
  14. Hawkscroft Ltd conforms to all current C-19 regulations and guidelines as set out by H M Government, NHS and associated bodies. Please may we respectfully ask for mutual cooperation in implementing these guidelines during the duration of the works - Many thanks.

Concerning commercial clients:

  1. Hawkscroft Ltd Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy and associated compliance documentation to be submitted prior to commencement of works in a timely manner.
  2. C-19 RAMS and compliance documentation to be submitted proir to commencement of works in a timely manner.

For any further information regarding our Health & Safety measures or any other issues relating to Covid-19 compliance, or for information regarding C-19 Risk Assessment procedure or Method Statements, please contact:

Toby Jones (Director)

E: toby@hawkscroft.com

M: 07990 575262

Further information: CLC C-19 Site Operating Procedures Version 7

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